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ISO 27001 Implementation makes your business safer

ISO 27001 Information Security Management is a standard that helps you to put information security at the heart of your business. It's about protecting company assets and information by having a system in place that thwarts threats and vulnerabilities.

It isn't all about Information Technology, it's about the physical side to information as well as the technological.

Risk assessing your business

You'll have heard of the phrases: reduce, avoid, accept and transfer. That's what we do to help you to mitigate risk, but before we focus on that we have to decide upon the information risks themselves. Just how much is your business at risk? Is information leaking out of your business or are you at risk of a data breach? Whatever your reason for wanting to reduce risk, it's commendable.

Attention to the detail

We'll help you to explore your business and the assets that you have on board. What are the processes, what is being affected, how likely is it that you'll lose information or all important data? We are here to help you to identify the risks in your business and to give you a detailed and precise framework for moving forward. It is rewarding knowing that you are treading on the pathway of information security and securing your business for the future.

Structure of ISO 27001

The best way to approach ISO 27001 is to split up the implementation into phases and complete a risk assessment initially. The initial phase will focus on your assets and data protection requirements, we focus on data flows, where the information is going, how is it stored and processed and then onto the likelihood of loss, the impact of that potential loss and the vulnerabilities that you currently face. We also look at the threats to your assets using ISO 27005, a very useful standard in supporting organisational information security risk assessments.

Combat online threats

There are many threats to your assets and information in this day and age, you have to ask yourself what would a hacker or data thief want with the data that you look after? Being a data controller brings certain responsibilities and one of those is to protect information from harm using up to date security techniques. It isn't just about browsing sensibly, its about bringing a new emphasis to information security by getting people involved and working together to form the best solutions for your data and for your business.

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