Internal auditor training

This course has been designed to prepare you for internal auditing of your own organisation or company. It will equip you with all of the necessary internal auditing techniques to audit your own organisational processes to the requirements of ISO 9001 internal audits.

Internal auditor training

The course is particularly useful for people who are acting in an auditing capacity in an organisation and also for staff who are acting as a quality representative within an organisation, who wish to gain further knowledge and insight into the application of internal auditing techniques and for the application of the ISO 9000 group of standards implementation and auditing.

Internal audit objectives

The course will assist you in completing the following objectives: 

1.     Planning, preparing and setting out your audit

2.     Initiating and performing your audit

3.     Assessment of your findings

4.     Identify and discuss potential improvements

5.     Closing of your audits and re-auditing where required


Each module has an exercise to complete at the end. Some modules also have questions to answer along the way. All of the exercises will be based around your organisation and your organisational issues.  Upon completion of the course, question responses and completed exercises are submitted via email in one document to the course tutor.


Support from the course tutor is available by email.  Course tutor: Steven Burgess is a qualified ISO lead auditor

This course costs £350.00 per person. Contact