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Hi all

I hope you are well and safe at this present time.

I've decided to introduce a new feature to my website, it's a question page dedicated to helping people in business with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 who only want to ask questions and not engage in direct consultancy services.

It's a free service designed to help those who want to ask questions about ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems or ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems.

There are many questions to ask regarding implementation projects, I find that the biggest question of all is how to implement the standards themselves. Now that's a great question, there is a way to implement ISO Standards without impinging on your business processes too much. That's the key to standards implementation, it's about amalgamating systems rather than wholesale changes, this is what people fear.

Most implementation projects involve subtle business changes that can easily be incorporated into the business, be it a tweak to your purchasing or a tweak to your manufacture or service; the standards themselves promote continual improvement and that's a good thing for any business.

Quality Management differs from Information Security Management in only one area, that of implementation itself. Whilst the two standards demand a person or persons to be in charge of the project, it is the information security standard that demands more of staff, in that I mean that the more people get involved with information security because of the nature of combating threats to the business the better your business is protected; the more people are aware and involved the better chances of rebuffing a scam or attack on your business.

The advantage of this service is that not only is it free of charge, it helps with social distancing and also reduces travel time to businesses, which helps the environment.

In my experience lots of people only want to ask a question or two about standards implementation, they are happy to do it themselves and they just need a little encouragement and advice along the way.

I hope this service helps those in business who need it. 

Best regards


Steven Burgess

Steven Burgess is a Consultant to companies in the UK and also a Data Protection Officer for Disclosure Services Limited, a company that process data relating to criminal record checks.