General update

Hi all

With the lock-down easing I felt it the right time to engage and give people an update.

Well it's been a quiet few months, i've had a few phone calls but that's all, i've often wondered what to do being invited into companies but now it feels like the right time to do this as long as social distancing and other protective measures are upheld.

Covid 19 has revealed a lot about ourselves over these past few months, it's proven how resilient we are and how resilient businesses are, the UK Government has stepped in and helped with furloughing and Universal Credit, so that's helped a lot, mind you I haven't been furloughed as it doesn't apply to me so it's been a time of saving money where possible and just being sensible.

Now that we are starting to focus our energies on getting our economy moving again, I feel it right to mention that we have come this far, hopefully we can continue our progression and hopefully this nasty virus will pass, God bless those who have succumbed to it, our thoughts and prayers are with those who have passed away and their poor families left behind.

I think it right not to get into 'full business speak' at the moment, just that I hope you are all safe and well and I hope your finances are holding up for you. This has been a stressful time for many. Personally I've had to avoid the news as it was stressing me out. Twitter and Facebook have been godsends at this time, helping to pass the time and hearing positive stories about this terrible time has been helpful.

I hope that you all stay safe, let's get the economy moving again when the time is right.

Best regards


Steven Burgess