Frustrating week

Hi all

I hope you are all well and safe.

Well for me it's been a frustrating week, I've been making a video to put on my website but the trouble is, the website builder only allows video to be put onto the website by going through You Tube. There is nothing wrong with You Tube, on the other hand I love it, it's just I don't want adverts at the end of my videos which happens when you use You Tube. You Tube itself is a great service and one I wholeheartedly recommend using, but when it comes to putting videos on websites, you don't necessarily want adverts on, it puts potential consumers off. With that said i'm planning to do more videos because it is the only option I have got. My website builder by Fasthosts, which is great, will not alter the website builder to suit homemade videos, which is a great shame. I feel that modern website builder should allow for the inclusion of homemade videos which helps a potential client and allows me to get myself across better than any text could do. When I put on my videos I hope you will like them!

So when it comes to choosing a provider for your website builder, stop, ask questions first, see what they have to offer and don't jump in too soon. Find out what you would like to do with your website first and then see if the company promoting building a website can help you. I will just have to figure a 'work around' for now.

I've been promoting my free reports, both are titled The Seven Biggest Mistakes, that people make with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 respectively, you need to be aware that there are mistakes to be made and it would be of good value to you if you access either of the free reports, depending on which standard you are interested in.

Standards are not just a kite mark, they are of crucial value to your organisation, the benefits far outweigh any downsides and having a third party in to view your operations is a good thing, third parties bring extra value with their knowledge and can help to transform a business for the better, continual improvement is a great thing, being open to advice and inputs into your business benefits it greatly.

Some people worry about standards implementation because that means auditors. Auditors can often be viewed as intrusive and negative. Whist that can happen, many auditors I know are delightful people, professional, courteous and honourable. It is a great shame that some auditors are way too negative. To take a leaf out of many a positive auditor's book, continual improvement is the name of the game when auditing and helping an organisation offers far more benefits to all.

I understand that some people have had negative experiences with auditors, but being one myself I always try to find compliance in a company rather than non-compliance. It is much better to help rather than to hinder. When I train internal auditors I try and get them to focus on the positives, that way a better experience can be had by all.

Standards are there to help you, auditors are there to help you, third parties are there to help you, always take advantage of the positives that standards bring, they bring encouragement and improvement, many a great business will testify to that. If I think of ISO 27001, the Information Security Standard, the standard asks you to implement many of the 130 controls that are written within it, these controls, when applied sensibly can protect your organisation from harm and bring extra security to you. Controls are written purposely to help you and your organisation, to help you to progress and bring liabilities to a minimum. That is why standards are more than just kite marks, they are a platform for excellence when used properly. They bring the risks to your business down - and that makes a business far more attractive to clients, consumers and investors.

So when you think of standards, if you think negatively, just stop if you can, evaluate your thoughts and try and see the positives that standards bring instead. Many a great organisation use standards, like NASA, Boeing, Airbus and many, many more.

Hope this helps, because standards are there to help.

Best regards


Steven Burgess is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Consultant to companies in the UK and also a Data Protection Officer for Disclosure Services Limited, a company that process data relating to criminal record checks.