Covid 19 and Trying To Do Business

Dear all

Well it's been a good week but is still difficult at this present time. It's good that the UK Government are trying to get the economy moving whilst trying to balance that with keeping people safe from Covid 19. This awful disease will not beat us and it's up to us all to stay safe, for us and for others and try and bring some normality back into our lives.

My main focus this week with one of my best client's Disclosure Services Ltd, was that of data protection. We are drawing up some new contracts for our clients to use when processing data. It's important to remember in the controller to processor relationship that the processor only acts on documented instructions from the data controller. In many ways we are all data controllers, as well as companies holding our data, but it is up to us to check contracts when signing agreements online and off because your data can be used. Who do you think gets your email address when you sign up to products and services online? Some companies do not protect data subject's data enough and some even sell on email addresses so that you can be contacted by third parties, always read the terms and conditions when signing up to services online, especially if you do not want your email address given out and or sold.

My other good news is that one of my older clients contacted me for support this week, I was worried that I may have lost them due to the pandemic and everything but they came back to me and to say I was relieved is an understatement. Business has been hard these last six months, as it has been for everybody, but it is up to us to keep moving forward, keep fighting the negativity that is the news and try and focus on better things ahead. Having a little boost every now and again does us plenty of good.

I was also contacted by a well known certification body, to see if I was up for being one of their auditors? This UKAS and ANAB Accredited body are in the business of providing certification services in ISO Standards and I am more than open to more work, especially with someone with such a great reputation. I was honoured that they asked.

On another note, when I visit businesses I always adhere to social distancing rules and wear my face mask where appropriate, the pandemic really has affected business to business consultancy in a way that is hard to describe. Some clients are put off by visitors, and in some cases rightly so, we are getting there slowly but it's all about being careful as well.

There has been some lean months, and I and my family are grateful to the UK Government for their support this year, I don't know what we would have done without them to be honest. They have provided us with extra income in these last 6 months and I am truly grateful for their support.

On another good note I've been using the services of Chris Cardell, the online marketer who helps businesses, he's been especially good during this pandemic, giving out free stuff and plenty of understanding of the situation in which we all face. I would recommend his free services and books, they will help you in this current recession. It's good to know that people are out there giving away good free stuff to help. There are paid for services of his of course, some of which I have indulged, but at this present time it's about getting there slowly, making good positive efforts to market ourselves wherever possible and being positive.

Well I hope you are all focusing on better times, it is not easy at this present time but there are goods and services out there that can enrich our lives, much like Chris Cardell.

On the ISO side it has been quiet but some momentum seems to be building now with the current efforts to get the economy moving, we sure do have a decent Chancellor.

With that said, that's all for now. I hope you have a lovely weekend and an even better week next week.

Best regards


Steven Burgess is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Consultant to companies in the UK and also a Data Protection Officer for Disclosure Services Limited, a company that process data relating to criminal record checks.