A little bit about me...

Welcome to a little bit about me, it's only natural that people get curious about one's own ability. I started out in my working career as an engineering apprentice with Lucas Industries, I served 4.5 years there before progressing onto programming injection moulding machinery for the next 3 years. It was here that I learned about ISO 9001 and Kaizen Quality Management Systems.
After that period I joined the Royal Air Force at 23 and served my time as a Weapons and Bomb Disposal Technician, learning all about standards and compliance and applying the Queen's Regulations in my sphere of work. I served 8 years in total before deciding to move away and step out into industry.
After the RAF I worked for a petrochemical company as their quality manager implementing many standards including ISO 9001.
After that I decided to progress onto consultancy and helped many organisations throughout the UK to implement ISO and British Standards. During my time as a consultant I became involved with Disclosure Services Limited and helped to implement ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. After this period I was asked to become their Data Protection Officer, where I am still there now working on implementing the GDPR and data protection activities, working for them one day per week whilst running my own business the rest of the week.
I've implemented many international standards projects in many private businesses and organisations, including the University of Plymouth.
I pride myself in the level of detail that I bring to projects and try to bring as much experience as I can to the fore in assisting organisations. I have been implementing ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 since 2007 at many companies and organisations and trained many internal auditors too.
I have successfully implemented standards at over 100 companies, varying from engineering, manufacturing, office based, building contractors, telephony, care home management, a University and many, many more.

Steven Burgess

This photo was taken in my back garden next to the Rhododendron bushes!